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We are a small privately owned hightech company. Design, construction and production are closely linked together. This allows us to respond quickly to your requests and orders. We are manufacturing prototype quantities as well as small and mid size volume orders.

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Point to Point Antenna


  • Parabolic Dish Antenna 15 GHz
    Cassegrain Design

The antenna is designed for mobile applications when installing military point-to-point radio links. The remarkable sidelobe suppression reduces the influence of disturbances to a minimum. The extreme compact size makes the antenna easy to handle without reducing the excellent technical performance. 

According to the requirements of the users different mast mountings can be provided. The antenna fulfills the requirement of Mil 810 E for vibration and IEC 68-2-29 for shock and can be used at wind loads up to 130 km/h.


Frequency range 14,64 ... 15,21 GHz
Gain > 34 dBi (in center of band)
Power handling 100 W CW
Polarization Linear, single
Attanuation of crosspolarization > 20 dB @ 15 GHz
3 dB beamwith 3,3 °
Sideslope supression

< 20 ° app. 19 dB / 20 ° - 30 ° app. 25 dB > 30 ° app.30dB

Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR < 1:2
Connector WR 62 (Coax N optional)
Size app. 45 cm diameter
Weight < 3 kg
Warranty 24 months
All infos are subject to changes without notice

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