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We are a small privately owned hightech company. Design, construction and production are closely linked together. This allows us to respond quickly to your requests and orders. We are manufacturing prototype quantities as well as small and mid size volume orders.

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  • Cable
  • Limiter
  • Highpassfilter
  • Antenna Tripod
  • Calibrated Cable

For the connection of our EMC products we offer 3 different calibrated cables. Other cable types and lengthes are available on request.






Frequency range DC to 4 GHz DC to 4 GHz DC to 4 GHz
Attenuation see records see records see records
Cable type RG-214 RG-214 RG-214
Connectors 2x Coax N-male 2x Coax N-male 2x Coax N-male
Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
Cable length 7.0 m 12.0 m 20.0 m


  • Limiter

Receivers are subject to destruction by high pulses created by a device, which needs to be tested. This limiter is an effective protection of the input of such receivers. All applied pulses will be reduced to a level, which can be handled by the receiver. The MP-1 responses quickly and reliable to all these requirements, without changing the impedance of the LISN. It is designed with semiconductors and it fulfils the requirements of most receivers. Upon request a special version is available for very sensitive inputs. The limiter will be simply connected with its BNC connectors to the LISN. Each device will be delivered with the records of the insertion loss. 

Frequency range DC .. 230 MHz
Power handling 150 mWs
Limit 136 dB µV
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR better 1:1.08
Attenuation -10 dB
Technology Semiconductor limiter
RF-connectors Input: BNC-male; Output: BNC-female


  • Highpassfilter

A very useful accessory for all Heine LISNs is the highpass filter type HPF-150A. Strong interferences in the frequency range below 150 kHz can override the receiver. Strong interferences can be created for example by frequency transformers of switching power supplies. These overrides of the receiver lead to measurement results, which are out of the norms and maybe not easily recognized by the operator. Those wrong results will be very effectively suppressed by the HPH-150A. The filter will be connected to the BNC output connector at the LISN and via the measurement cable to the receiver.

Passband limit 140 kHz
Attenuation limit 100 kHz
Impedance 50 Ohm nom.
Filter characteristic Tschebyscheff 5-pole
Power handling 100 mW
Passband ripple
< 1 dB
RF connectors Input: BNC-male; Output: BNC-female


  • Antenna Tripod

Antenna tripod: 0.9 ... 1.7 m height; fitting to Rolf Heine antennas. All wooden parts of the tripod are hardwood (ashwood) and are covered with environment friendly Polyethylene. With this surface the tripod is very rugged and durable. The inconvenient sticking of lacquered pods is avoided. All movable parts and connections between wood and metal are adjustable.

Transport length 109 cm
Height min. 102 cm (at min. 70° spread pods)
Head form flat
Head f 168 mm
Clamping Excenter
Weight 7.3 kg

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